Dye-free snow cone recipe

I have fond childhood memories of summertime with my family. On days like today, when the temperature is in the triple-digits, we would load up in the car and drive to the snow cone stand. They were super cheap. They were super sweet. And they cooled us off quickly. Now that I’m a mom of two kids with a low tolerance for sweaty afternoons, I want to share the same … Continue Reading →

July digital scrapbooking freebie: a day at the beach | One Mama's Daily Drama

July digital scrapbooking freebie

Summer is in full swing. For a lot of my readers, that means hot HOT. It might also mean the kids are starting to think they are bored, or at least tired of doing the same old thing. Now is the time to pick up a new book of crafts, science experiments, or maybe some LEGO building inspiration. At my house, summer seems to revolve around the kids. That doesn’t … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday: week of July 21st

Happy Monday! This week I’m doing something a little different with my menu plan. Last week was pretty tough. I’ve been working until 5 or so every day and you might have noticed I was so busy with other projects that I didn’t have time to blog since last week’s menu. On top of that, Hubby injured his arm, so although he loves to cook, it’s a literal pain to … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday: week of July 14th

Happy Monday! The kids are home from visiting grandparents and Hubby and I are home from a weekend comic con. Can I just say, it is good to be home! We are settling back into our routine. That means it is time for my weekly meal plan and grocery shopping trip. This week I’m keeping it pretty simple. I have a feeling that the kids being home will put a … Continue Reading →

Red Gold spicy tomato burger recipe | One Mama's Daily Drama --- This is easy to make and so good!

Spicy tomato burger recipe

There is nothing like a hamburger, hot off the grill, on a hot summer evening. Although I love experimenting in the kitchen, I have to admit that I’m a bit of a burger purist. I have eaten a lot of good burgers. Every now and then, I enjoy adding a little something extra. For the most part though, when I want a burger, I just want some well-seasoned beef on … Continue Reading →

Beginner household budget tips | One Mama's Daily Drama

Household budget tips

One of the most popular posts here on One Mama’s Daily Drama is my free printable budget worksheet. If you’re new to budgeting, it is a great place to start. It is how I track our monthly expenses. I can tell in a glance whether we have gone over budget or if – yay! – we saved money this month. However, it is really just a starting place. I certainly … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday: week of July 7th

Happy Monday! It’s time again to share my menu plan with everyone. I have to confess, I’m kind of in a food rut. We have been eating the same-ish things over and over, or at least it feels that way. This week’s menu is really not inspired. The kids are still visiting grandparents, so I’ trying to cook from the pantry. Seriously, there are 10 things on my grocery list … Continue Reading →

July family fun in DFW

If you’re looking for July family fun activities in DFW, you’ve come to the right place. This monthly post series is a round up of the best local things to do in Fort Worth, Texas and the surrounding area. The first weekend starts with a holiday, so I’m including things to do on Friday for July 4th too. You might also want to check out my Fort Worth summer bucket … Continue Reading →

Pint or Pass?: My favorite blogging tip pins | One Mama's Daily Drama

My favorite blogging tip pins

Do you ever see those projects that make you say, Hm… Should I pin this or just pass? Will it really work like that? Every month I’m going to try making something crafty that I saw on Pinterest. I can’t guarantee that they’ll all work out, but I will be trying things that I think I can do (and you can too). July’s Pin or Pass? feature is my favorite blogging … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday: week of June 30th

Happy Monday! This week is more laid back than usual for me. The kids are visiting grandparents, so I’m just cooking for two. I always find that to be somewhat of a challenge. I’ve been cooking for four for over a decade, although the kids have always spent part of the summer with grandparents. I also always try to get a little more done around the house while they are … Continue Reading →

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