Free printable spring bucket list | One Mama's Daily Drama

Printable spring bucket list

Do you make a spring bucket list? Today I’m sharing a free printable spring bucket list to help you keep track of all the fun things you want to do between March and May. Spring bucket list There are some things my family does every spring, like taking family photos. We always make a summer bucket list. There’s so much to do over summer that I have to, just to … Continue Reading →

Homemade lemon drop candy recipe | One Mama's Daily Drama

Lemon drop candy recipe

Candy is almost an essential part of Easter. It’s hard to ignore all the sweets filling the grocery store, but reading the label always makes me cringe. I came up with a sugary treat that doesn’t have food coloring or corn syrup. This lemon drop candy is easy to make and needs just five ingredients. Lemon drop candy I was inspired to make lemon drops after seeing these Valentine’s Day … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan: March 30-April 6

Happy weekend! Another week has gone by, which means it’s time to do my meal plan again. Meal planning is a huge help to me. I work from home, but I work a lot so I’ve always got a to-do list a mile long. Write, do laundry, make a craft, pick up the kid, photo some product, solve a math word problem… I’m tempted to try monthly meal planning. I … Continue Reading →

Simple shirt applique for beginners with My Little Pony | One Mama's Daily Drama

Simple shirt applique for beginners

Has your child ever asked you to buy him {or her} a particular shirt that you can’t find anywhere? Today I’m sharing how to make a tee shirt with anything – your kids’ favorite color, character, whatever! This simple shirt applique tutorial will show you step-by-step how to make it yourself. If you’ve ever wanted to learn applique but were afraid it was going to be hard, you will love … Continue Reading →

blueberry yogurt doughnuts - baked donut recipe | One Mama's Daily Drama

Blueberry yogurt doughnut recipe

I think I could probably eat doughnuts every day. They’re so light and fluffy. I could probably come up with a new doughnut recipe every day too. Then I’d never get anything else done. Have¬†you tried my apple cinnamon doughnuts and my chocolate chip cherry doughnuts? They are good, but not as good as the recipe I’m sharing today. This recipe is for blueberry yogurt doughnuts. Blueberry yogurt doughnuts Okay, … Continue Reading →

Easter baskets for geeks | One Mama's Daily Drama - Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, Doctor Who

Easter baskets for geeks

I’ve seen a lot of non-candy Easter basket ideas going around. Don’t get me wrong – my kids will get plenty of sweets. I like the idea of baskets that are personalized though. My kids are pretty quirky and I thought that coming up with themed baskets would be fun. They enjoy all the geeky things, like Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who. If you like where this … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan: March 23-29

Hello! I’m sharing my weekly meal plan today for March 23-29. I’ve been doing a weekly plan post for years that I’ve shared on Mondays. Now I’m changing things up a bit and this post will be done on Sundays so that I can blog four times per week. I usually do my meal plan over the weekend anyway and I think most of my readers do too. I hope … Continue Reading →

Spring print and color bookmarks | One Mama's Daily Drama

Spring print and color bookmarks

Happy first day of spring! Is it warm and sunny where you are? Probably not, I guess. This week my local weather has fluctuated between hot and cold and wet and dry. I’m ready for spring to be here though. It always seems like a season of change. I’ll skip the cheesy metaphor about caterpillars and butterflies. I made a set of print and color bookmarks that you are going … Continue Reading →

Everything I learned in culinary school (part 2): being a grownup | One Mama's Daily Drama

Everything I learned in culinary school (part 2)

This post is part of an ongoing series about my experiences in culinary school. You can read part one HERE, but you don’t have to read them in any special order. Today I’m sharing everything I learned in culinary school about being a grownup. You might laugh. But college is where you “discover yourself” right? Where you go from being young and naive to… older and smarter? My culinary school … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan: March 16-22

Happy Monday! I’ve noticed a strange trend in menu planning. If you read a lot of bloggers’ weekly menu plans, you might have too. Lots of people tend to make the same thing at the same time. Maybe it’s coincidence. Maybe it’s seasonal. Last week I found calzones on about half a dozen menu plans after I had planned¬†mine. Weird, right? Let’s do a quick little experiment. If you planned … Continue Reading →

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