When you're not feeling thankful | One Mama's Daily Drama

When you’re not feeling thankful

Turkey day is coming. About this time of year, my Facebook news feed becomes suddenly more positive. The other 11 months of the year aren’t entirely negative, but a wave of political commentary, repetitive memes, and advertising don’t do much to boost my morale. Seeing how thankful my friends and relatives are around Thanksgiving is encouraging. It is a reminder that some days, when all you have to be thankful … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday: week of November 17th

Happy Monday! I hit the ground running this morning. With two holidays coming up, I’ve got a lot of planning to do. Plus, after a weekend craft show, my house is a disaster. Not the kind of “disaster” you find when you go to a friend’s house and she says, “Ignore the mess” but the house is immaculate. I’m talking grass all over the living room rug, every dish in … Continue Reading →

Apple cinnamon baked doughnuts recipe | One Mama's Daily Drama {Using the new KitchenAid® Professional-Grade Nonstick 6-Cavity Mini Doughnut Pan}

Apple cinnamon baked doughnuts

Weekends are for sleeping in, especially in the winter. The forecast is already suggesting that it might snow this weekend. I know a few days off from school due to snow (reality: ice) are in our future. What better way to spend a cold day than snuggled under a blanket, reading a book and eating a doughnut? Even better, how about a hot, fresh doughnut from your own oven? In … Continue Reading →

Harry Potter ice cream bar printable labels | One Mama's Daily Drama

Harry Potter ice cream bar

It’s not every day your child turns eleven. My daughter just celebrated her birthday last month. I’ve been planning an epic Harry Potter themed party for years. One of the important things about the wizarding world is that everything is just a little quirky. I wanted to plan something around all the magical sweets and candy that Harry and his friends are always eating. I ended up going with Honeydukes Ice … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday: week of November 10

Happy Monday! I’ve got such a busy week ahead… Work, prepping for a craft show, recovering from a craft show, and a school holiday. I should probably just go ahead and put another pot of coffee on, because I’m not sure I will be sleeping until next Sunday. To make the most of my time, I’ve planned easy meals for dinner this week. It will also be cold, starting Tuesday, … Continue Reading →

Southwestern Cheesy Rice Recipe | One Mama's Daily Drama

Southwestern cheesy rice recipe

I love a recipe that calls for just throwing stuff in a pot. Seriously, this recipe is easy. And cheesy. It’s also meatless, although you could add some cooked chicken or ground beef if you wanted to. Without the meat, it is really filling. The best part, maybe, is that you don’t have to measure anything {except the rice/water ratio} is you don’t feel like it. I’m often cooking and … Continue Reading →

November digital scrapbooking freebie + desktop wallpaper | One Mama's Daily Drama

November digital scrapbooking freebie

November is all about Thanksgiving. Good food and good times with friends and family. Capture the photos of everyone together. For some, this may be the only time of year you get to see one another. This month’s digital scrapbooking freebie makes it easy to save a few photos on a page. Plus, who doesn’t love owls right now? I also created a coordinated desktop wallpaper in the same warm colors. … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday: week of November 3

Happy Monday! November is my favorite month. It finally feels like fall around here and there are tons of yummy things to eat. Pumpkin and sweet potatoes and cranberries. Pies and cookies and fresh bread. Stew and chili. I can use the oven again without cranking up the air conditioner, so I’m looking forward to baking a few things. Last week’s menu went as planned, except I forgot to make … Continue Reading →

Family Fun in DFW | weekend activities by One Mama's Daily Drama

November 2014 family fun in DFW

It’s about to look a lot like Christmas. To be honest, it pretty much already does if you step inside a store. November has a holiday of its own – my favorite, actually – but is pretty much pre-Christmas. If you are the type who cranks on the holiday tunes as early as possible, that means your weekend will probably be filled with plenty of holiday events. On the other … Continue Reading →

Big red crochet bow tutorial - Perfect for a Kiki's Delivery Service costume | One Mama's Daily Drama

Big red crochet bow tutorial

I just love a big red bow. I mean, I wouldn’t wear one on a daily basis, but with the right outfit, this is cute. Plus, it could also be pinned to a scarf or attached to a wrapped gift. It is really easy to make yourself. A crochet bow doesn’t take long either. I decided to make this one a big red bow like the title character wears in … Continue Reading →

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