Big red crochet bow tutorial - Perfect for a Kiki's Delivery Service costume | One Mama's Daily Drama

Big red crochet bow tutorial

I just love a big red bow. I mean, I wouldn’t wear one on a daily basis, but with the right outfit, this is cute. Plus, it could also be pinned to a scarf or attached to a wrapped gift. It is really easy to make yourself. A crochet bow doesn’t take long either. I decided to make this one a big red bow like the title character wears in … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday: week of October 27th

Happy Monday! This week I’m trying to keep it simple. Hubby has a dentist appointment this week. Friday is Halloween and Sniffles is having a sleepover this weekend. The weather is getting colder (again) and I think this is about the time of year that it actually stays that way. I’m not a big fan of cold weather, but I’d rather it stay cold than yo-yo back and forth between … Continue Reading →

Free printable Halloween scavenger hunt for kids | One Mama's Daily Drama

Halloween scavenger hunt

It’s almost time for trick-or-treating! On Halloween, my kids can finish their dinner and be dressed in record time. It’s like second Christmas around here. As much as I appreciate their motivation, I also know that taking them through the neighborhood at 5:31 p.m. is not going to make me a popular person. There are a few younger kids out and about in the early evening hours, but most of … Continue Reading →

DIY melted crayon pumpkin + tips for less mess | One Mama's Daily Drama

Melted crayon pumpkin

Have you seen those melted crayon pumpkins going around the Internet? I’ve seen several on Pinterest and had to try it myself. It seems so simple, so naturally I was a bit skeptical about exactly whether it would work like the pictures imply. Hubby and I sat down with the kids for a fun family project. I had no idea it would turn out so exciting. Check out my melted … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday: week of October 20th

Happy Monday! This week is pretty mellow. All I have on the agenda is a school program, so I hope that means I’m not missing something important. I’ve been really worn out lately, so this week’s menu includes things that are easy to make. When there is not a lot going on, it is nice to spend more time cooking. Sometimes, though, it is nice to just not have to … Continue Reading →

DIY pumpkin bottles: upcycle empty containers to make cute Halloween jack-o-lanterns | One Mama's Daily Drama

DIY pumpkin bottles

Have you ever left a carved jack-o-lantern on the front porch for too long? Ew. I won’t go there. One year we had a surprise freeze just a few weeks after Halloween and ours didn’t decay. I won’t say how long it lived in the front yard, but safe to say that many more holidays had passed. Now I prefer to decorate with pumpkins that will last for years, but … Continue Reading →

LEGO Star Wars lunch box notes | free printable from One Mama's Daily Drama

LEGO Star Wars lunch box notes

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… It is a period of unrest in the cafeteria. Lunch boxes are packed with tasty food, yes, but something is missing. Rebel spies have discovered a secret plan. The Alliance calls on you to deliver this super-important message to children {and maybe a few adults} everywhere.¬†Will these LEGO Star Wars lunch box notes bring balance to The Force? If you … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday: week of October 13th

Happy Monday! It’s Columbus Day, which means that while I’m typing this, my kids are sitting right behind me arguing over colored pencils instead of brushing their teeth like I told them to. Twice. Outside it is cold, raining, and kind of dark. Fall is here! Since it’s a “holiday” I’ll make this short so I can spend some time with my monsters. Children. Last week’s menu went as planned. … Continue Reading →

Balancing work and home: Life is drama, make the most of it. | One Mama's Daily Drama

Balancing work and home

A friend has encouraged me to write more thoughtful parenting posts. I have plenty of thoughts, of course, but it sometimes seems weird to write about a recipe, a craft project, and a parenting problem in the same week. I mean, that’s how my brain works, but… I feel like it’s somewhat like when your favorite television show is all cheerful and then throws in an episode where somebody deals … Continue Reading →

October free desktop background | One Mama's Daily Drama

October digital scrapbooking freebie

October is synonymous with fall and Halloween at my house. On September 30th, we are still running the air conditioner and hanging onto those last little bits of summer. Sure, school has started, but we haven’t really gotten into the swing of things. When the sun comes up the next morning on October 1st, it is truly a brand new day. The kids are discussing their plans for Halloween costumes. … Continue Reading →

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