Harvest Snaps are a tasty and healthy snack for kids and adults! Read my review at One Mama's Daily Drama

Harvest Snaps for healthy snacking

I have a mommy confession. After the kids go to bed, I often break out my secrete stash or chocolate. Or cookies. Sometimes chocolate cookies. Okay, sometime chocolate cookie ice cream. I am sometimes not the best example for my kids. Who’s with me? {It’s okay to raise your hand. I won’t tell.} Don’t get me wrong, my kids get their fair share of treats and sweets. The thing is, … Continue Reading →

DIY Hogwarts backpack tutorial | One Mama's Daily Drama

DIY Hogwarts backpack tutorial

My kids love Harry Potter. Okay, I do too. Maybe more than they do. Shh. While I was doing some back to school shopping, I saw that the official HP store had tons of goodies for back to school, including a Hogwarts backpack for every house. My kids are in Slytherin and Hufflepuff, so it is rare that I find things for both of them. Of course, then I saw … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday: week of August 25th

Happy Monday! It is the first day of school for us. My kids are starting 3rd and 5th. I realized last week that we are now in the “older half” of elementary. So much will be different this year. My son can now do after school programs without a parent and he has been chomping at the bit to join the chess club. My daughter is joining the safety patrol … Continue Reading →

Doctor Who printable lunch box notes | One Mama's Daily Drama

Doctor Who lunch box notes

With the new season of Doctor Who starting tomorrow, my kids have been talking about the good Doctor a lot lately. We started on the 9th anniversary of the 9th Doctor’s first episode and have been watching one per week since March. The kids think this is tragically unfair, but any Doctor Who fan knows a lesson in waiting is good for you. School starts for us on Monday, so … Continue Reading →

How to pack a lunchbox - list of easy ideas for healthy school lunches | One Mama's Daily Drama --- Lots of these that kids can pack themselves!

How to pack a lunchbox {ideas + printable}

Back to school for most families also means back to packing a few lunches every morning. The lunches in our school cafeteria are iffy. My kids don’t like them much anyway and they really don’t like spending half of their lunch break waiting in line to get one. Packing two lunches every morning for 180 days of school can get boring and tedious fast. There was one year when my … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday: week of August 18th

Happy Monday! So much can change in a week. I know I sound like a broken record, but meal planning saved many nights from becoming takeout dinner. I had some unexpected extra work (writing) last week and had to take Hubby to see another doctor. The kids are beyond restless. We stuck to our meal plan though, possibly because it has become such a habit that I don’t even think … Continue Reading →

Kidecals: label review for back to school | One Mama's Daily Drama

Kidecals labels for back to school

My two kids – Sniffles (10) and Lil’ Wheezy (8) – are highly skilled in the art of losing things. They have lost really large things that you would think couldn’t possibly be hard to find. They have lost really expensive things (from a child’s perspective), which they had to pay for. Naturally, taking a backpack full of things to school everyday means they are also full of potential. To … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday: week of August 11th

Happy Monday! Where are my menu planning experts at? I need some advice. First, let me back up a bit… Last week’s meal plan went the way I intended it to. My daughter has lost interest in cooking, so I made most of them by myself. Several of the things I made were things Hubby just couldn’t eat though. To make a long story short, due to complications from his … Continue Reading →

August digital scrapbooking freebie: "When life gives you lemons..." desktop wallpaper | One Mama's Daily Drama

August digital scrapbooking freebie

I can’t even begin to tell you the things that have gone wrong around here this summer. A generous supply of health problems all around. Those might have led to a small level of financial uncertainty. {I mean, “Don’t worry, we’ll just bill you later” isn’t that reassuring.} Then the plumbing broke and the electricity went out. The two seconds of electricity flickering was the last straw for my old … Continue Reading →

Ultimate back-to-school checklist printable | One Mama's Daily Drama --- One list to rule them all...

Ultimate back-to-school checklist printable

I have been known to make lists of lists.┬áMaybe it’s because I’m a little obsessive about organizing. Do you know what I mean? I feel like if I can get it all down on paper, I can accomplish anything. That is often why Hubby looks at my weekly to-do list and faints. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. Slightly. There is a lot to do to get everyone ready for back to … Continue Reading →

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