Peruvian Gold at the Irving Arts Center

Peruvian Gold at the Irving Arts Center

Brace yourselves. A shiny, new exhibit is coming to the Irving Arts Center. This one is really shiny. Like, covered in gold shiny. The new exhibit, Peruvian Gold: Ancient Treasures Unearthed, opens October 4th and features some really amazing artifacts from Peru between 1250 B.C. to A.D. 1450. {Think Emperor’s New Groove.} It includes textiles, jewelry, and pottery found in ancient royal tombs and other locations. My family had a … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday: week of September 29th

Happy Monday! This week is about a normal as they come. There’s nothing really on the agenda, apart from the regular work and school schedules. We have no elaborate weekend planned. Maybe I should be worried. It’s nice to get back into a routine. Fall is here and the weather is cooler. Last week’s meal plan went great. We tried a few new recipes from the 100 Days of Real … Continue Reading →

Rustic Italian chicken slow cooker recipe | One Mama's Daily Drama

Rustic Italian chicken recipe

I love using my slow cooker. I use it in the summer so I don’t heat up the house. I use it in the winter to make warm comfort foods. It is the perfect kitchen tool for a busy person who just doesn’t have time to spend an hour in the kitchen every day. That’s me, and I think it’s probably you too. My kitchen is pretty small, so real estate … Continue Reading →

Pin or Pass: My 5 favorite pantry staple recipe pins | One Mama's Daily Drama

My favorite pantry pins

This post is part of an ongoing – albeit random – series on my travels through Pinterest land. Every month or so, I share a new pin that I’ve tried or a round up of my favorite pins in a category. Pinterest is full of good ideas, but sometimes it is hard to sort the good ideas from the bad ones. Plus, there are plenty of talented folks who make … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday: week of September 22nd

Happy Monday! Here we are again, back at the beginning of the week and it’s time to make a menu plan. This week should be nice. Hubby is back to work today, the kids are recovered from their weird rash (which I discovered was hot tub folliculitis), and we even have some nice weather. After what seems like a long time of eating less-than-healthy convenience foods, I am back to … Continue Reading →

How to survive the witching hour | One Mama's Daily Drama

How to survive the witching hour

In spite of regular doses of drama and chaos, there are plenty of things in my home that are predictable. No matter what I do, they sneak in. Allergies when the weather changes. A growth spurt every time I buy a child some new pants. A giant zit when I’m planning to be in a photo. Every day, I pick my kids up from school at 3:00. Sometimes they are … Continue Reading →

From clutter to clean: Organize school papers on the refrigerator door with DIY name label magnets | One Mama's Daily Drama

Organize school papers on the refrigerator door

So we’re a few weeks into the school year. Is anyone else also buried under a pile of papers already?!? I’ve got papers to fill out and send back. I’ve got weekly homework that needs to not be lost. I’ve got amazingly beautiful artwork done by my eight and ten-year-old. I also have a refrigerator door that seems to be disappearing beneath the small forest that has been attached by … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday: week of September 15th

Happy Monday! We are bopping along here. I’m at the point where the chaos is more funny than stressful. I don’t know if that means I’ve lost my mind, or I’m just dealing with it better. Last week when Hubby tried to go back to work, his doctor said no. Originally, the doc had said to just call for a note whenever he felt well enough. When he called, the doc … Continue Reading →

Free home gardening printable: Garden planting schedule | One Mama's Daily Drama

Home gardening printable + giveaway

Growing your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs at home is an easy way to get a little more fresh produce into your diet. My family has enjoyed growing a small home garden for several years. You would be surprised what you can grow with limited space. Even if you only have room for a pot or two on your porch, give it a try. I love gardening even more because … Continue Reading →

Quick and easy lunch (for adults!) with Herdez frozen bowls. 10 different authentic flavors! | One Mama's Daily Drama

Quick and easy lunch with Herdez frozen bowls

I talk about food a lot here. I share my weekly meal plan and talk about all the lunchbox ideas and after school snacks that I give my kids. Planning and organizing our family’s meals helps me keep things running smoothly around here. I work from home as a freelance writer and handmade business owner, but I still put in forty hours every week. Even more on some weeks. One … Continue Reading →

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