cheesy ranch snack mix with Bernie's Farm cheddar crackers | One Mama's Daily Drama

Cheesy ranch snack mix

Everyone loves snacks, right? How about snacks that are healthy and yummy? This cheesy ranch snack mix is the perfect blend of the two and even has some semi-hidden veggies. I’m always trying to come up with new and fun snacks for my kids. They really like Annie’s Homegrown cookies and crackers, but I don’t buy them too often because they can eat a whole box in one sitting. When … Continue Reading →

Valentine's Day Treat Poppers: easy holiday craft with a toilet paper tube | One Mama's Daily Drama

Valentine’s Day treat poppers

It’s time to break into that stash of random craft supplies you’ve been hoarding. You know what I mean. All that stuff that you bought or gathered {from the recycling, ahem} that you were totally going to do something with. I’ve got that something and it is super cute. Today we’re making Valentine’s Day treat poppers. I’m as guilty as the next person: stocking up on ribbon at every dollar … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan: Jan 26-Feb 1

Happy Monday! I spent the weekend cleaning – really cleaning good – so I kind of want to spend today doing nothing. We have wood floors in every room and I hate how dusty they always are. I even mopped under the sofa with my Shark. It’s one of the best free-for-review things I’ve ever gotten, I think. Last week’s meal plan went just fine. There was nothing new, but … Continue Reading →

5 fun math games for elementary kids | One Mama's Daily Drama - Great for addition, subtraction, and multiplication!

Math games for elementary

My son has to “study” for his math homework every night. He can do just about anything he wants, as long as he is practicing math. His teacher sent home some suggestions, but we’ve also been trying to come up with fun activities on our own. Here are five fun math games for elementary kids that my third grader loves. Best of all, they can be adapted for younger or older … Continue Reading →

Cinnamon raisin waffle recipe: the perfect Saturday morning breakfast | One Mama's Daily Drama

Cinnamon raisin waffle recipe

Guys, I have discovered the perfect waffle recipe. It is light and fluffy and healthy and oh-so-full of flavor. Don’t worry, I’m not keeping it to myself. I knew as soon as I tasted these the first time that I had to share. Everyone needs these cinnamon raisin waffles. Everyone. I have made them twice just this week. I have loved waffles since I was a kid. I remember most … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan: Jan 19-25

Happy Monday! We are on the end of a four-day weekend here. It’s sunny and will get up to 70 this afternoon, so it’s hard to believe we are in the middle of winter. I always try to make the most of these unexpected good days by opening the windows. Sometimes it seems like the cold, overcast days go on forever, so it’s literally a breath of fresh air. We … Continue Reading →

How to loom knit a scarf for beginners: easy DiY tutorial | One Mama's Daily Drama

Loom knit scarf for beginners

Have you noticed that everyone seems to be DiYing their own winter things lately? You don’t have to be left out {or cold!}. Making a loom knit scarf is super-easy. You need only a few supplies and this tutorial to help you get started. How to make a loom knit scarf Supplies To get started, visit your favorite craft store and pick up a beginning loom knitting kit. {I have … Continue Reading →

12 free monthly desktop backgrounds | One Mama's Daily Drama

12 monthly desktop backgrounds

I often joke that I live on the Internet. My computer is kind of like my house though. I spend a lot of time there, so it makes sense that I want it to be comfortable and personalized. My favorite way is to change out the desktop background every month. Today I’m sharing a year’s worth of desktop backgrounds. Desktop backgrounds Download each one individually. Of course, your version won’t have a … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan: Jan 12-18

Happy Monday! I have to say, I had a great first full week of the year. My goal is to be more positive and let good things come out of that. While nothing miraculous happened, I felt a lot better over the whole week. If the only benefit is less stress, I think this will be a good year. One thing that really helped was Hubby. Every time he saw … Continue Reading →

Free printable planner and calendar for 2015 - the year of getting organized! | One Mama's Daily Drama

Printable planner and calendar

Are you ready to get organized in 2015? Me too! I love a good printable organizer. If you are looking for one that is printer-friendly but still pretty, you will love this one. What’s in the planner There are 20 pages total {12 in the calendar and 8 more}. You will probably want to print some of them more than once. 12-month 2015 calendar Year at-a-glance Monthly budget planning worksheet … Continue Reading →

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