Menu Plan Monday

Menu plan: March 2-8

Happy Monday! It is still a little icy here and definitely colder that I like. Last week was a bit chaotic. School was canceled on Monday and Tuesday, then delayed Wednesday. The kids had a “normal” day of Thursday, but then it snowed again Friday. They didn’t have early dismissal, but they were about the only ones who stayed all day. After school, we went sledding at a nearby park. … Continue Reading →

Everything I learned in culinary school (part 1)

When I tell someone I went to culinary school, I usually get the same reaction. Their eyes light up and they say something to the effect of “I’ve always wanted to do that.” I usually reply with a negative comment about a lifetime of student loan debt, but the truth is that I did learn a lot while I was there. That’s why I’m starting a new blog series called … Continue Reading →

Hoppin john recipe: black-eyed peas, rice, bacon, and sausage | One Mama's Daily Drama

Hoppin’ john recipe

Hoppin’ John is an old family recipe. I think most southern families have a version of this, but it seems like no two recipes I’ve seen are the same. Growing up, I always had this dish on New Year’s Day. The black-eyed peas are supposed to be good luck. I figure that it can’t hurt to have a little extra luck on other days of the year, so I cook … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan: Feb 23-March 1

Happy Monday! We are iced in here in Fort Worth. There’s not much, but it’s enough to make driving dangerous. Schools are closed and the kids are home. That means I’m not getting anything done today. Darn. Now I have to just bake cookies and read or something. Terrible, right? We had a pretty busy weekend, so everyone is appreciating an extra day to relax and recover. Somehow I lucked … Continue Reading →

Rainbow friendship bracelets: a fun St. Patrick's Day craft for kids | One Mama's Daily Drama

Rainbow friendship bracelet

St. Patrick’s Day is a special holiday for many folks with time-honored traditions. Wear your favorite green shirt. Eat green food. Pinch your friends who aren’t wearing green. Mine seem to turn colorblind on the 17th and pinch each other anyway. Not that that’s a whole lot different from every other day of the year. This year I’m helping them make St. Patrick’s Day rainbow friendship bracelets and starting a … Continue Reading →

Get organized! How to organize photos on the computer | One Mama's Daily Drama

How to organize photos on the computer

Clutter. Stuff. It’s everywhere, right? Even on your computer. But it’s important stuff, so you can’t just toss it – or delete it. It needs to be organized so you can find it. For some reason, organizing my computer folders has been a challenge forever. My computer is probably messier than my house, since I can fit as much as I want in there without anyone else noticing. Today I’m … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan: Feb 16-22

Happy Monday! I have to admit, I really had to drag myself out of bed this morning. It’s kind of cold and rainy. Also, Hubby and I have been marathoning True Blood, so I haven’t exactly been going to be at my “bedtime”. {Sidebar: Do you have a bedtime?} Shh, don’t tell the kids! We just picked up season 6 from the library. It’s funny how I can tell the … Continue Reading →

Chocolate cherry baked doughnut recipe | One Mama's Daily Drama

Chocolate cherry baked doughnuts

Love is in the air. Can you smell it? I know Valentine’s Day is this month, but that’s not what I mean. I’m talking about the smell of fresh doughnuts – chocolate cherry baked doughnuts – coming out of the oven. These are easy to make and since they’re baked – not fried – you could almost call them healthy. Chocolate cherry baked doughnut recipe This recipe is simple, like … Continue Reading →

Free printable LEGO activity book with puzzles and games | One Mama's Daily Drama

Printable LEGO activity book

The two most popular posts on One Mama’s Daily Drama are LEGO. One of them is also a LEGO activity book. You guys love it so much that I thought I’d make another. This one has six pages of fun activities featuring minifigures from Star Wars, pirates, knights, and more. What’s in this LEGO activity book? This version has six activity pages and two answer keys. Here’s what you’ll get: … Continue Reading →

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan: Feb 9-15

Happy Monday! I always feel so motivated, starting a brand new week. I think it might have something to do with sitting down on Sunday afternoon and spending about an hour planning my week. I make a meal plan, check the calendars, and write out my to-do list for the week. It makes a huge difference, knowing what I want/need to accomplish each day. Of course, it doesn’t prevent surprises, … Continue Reading →

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