Starbucks coffee: a love story

Starbucks coffee love story

I love coffee. I can barely start my day without it. And I have gone to great lengths to get coffee on occasion. I mean, I haven’t stolen a package off of someone’s porch to get it. (That may or may not have happened to me.) But I have driven over an hour, just for some Starbucks coffee.

Starbucks coffee love story

Back in the day, when Hubby and I were first dating in college, we lived in a pretty small town. Brownwood – in case you’ve never heard of it – is a college town in the middle of nowhere, West Texas. There were two things to do in town, when you weren’t in classes. The first was walking around Wal-mart, the only thing open after about 8 o’clock at night. The second was to drive up to a rest stop on a hill north of town. You could, um… check out the view. At this point, there wasn’t even a Starbucks. (It did get one the year we graduated.)

So, due to our mutual love for the coffee brand, Hubby and I made regular trips to the nearest “big city” that had one: Abilene. Now Abilene is great. It has a college, but also a zoo and Starbucks. (In fact, now it has two.)  The drive from Brownwood is about an hour through hilly country roads. That’s maybe a ridiculously long trip for coffee, but that’s also how we got to know each other.

Sometimes we brought along friends, who also enjoyed a road trip for a tall mocha latte. Most times though, we spent the hour talking about our childhoods and our families. We shared our likes and dislikes. We fell in love.

Now when I think of warm, happy times, I tend to think of Starbucks coffee. I know that sounds cheesy, but some of our best times in college were spend on a quest for it.

When our first child was born, she was a fussy baby. She never slept, unless she was in the car. One night, we were so tired of driving around Brownwood for an hour that we decided we could spend the same amount of time driving to Abilene. Yep, baby’s first Starbucks. And yes, she is asleep in this photo, thank goodness.

baby's first Starbucks coffee

Digital camera technology has come an astoundingly long way in a decade. At least I didn’t have to scan it in, right?

Those days weren’t really that long ago, unless you ask one of my children. But since then, Starbucks has made its coffee available in most grocery stores. I am immensely grateful, because as a budget-savvy mom, a daily trip to Starbucks isn’t going to work.

Starbucks coffee products

Starbucks coffee is available by the pound, either whole bean or ground. It comes in a wide range of strengths, as well as decaf. There are also lots of flavor varieties like vanilla, so no matter what your coffee preference is, you’ll find one that you like. For a limited time, check out the Starbucks Holiday Blend. It’s a medium roast, so it has the full flavor Hubby loves with the smoothness I prefer. It has just a hint of spice and maple without any artificial taste.

I recommend the Starbucks Holiday Blend to anyone who loves quality coffee. It is the perfect drink on a cold, winter morning whether you’re waking up to go to work or hosting a get-together. Stock up now though, because it won’t be here all year. This product can be found in grocery stores, cafes and online places like

My review coffee package also came with a festive holiday mug. I love how wide and round it is. Plus, it kind of looks like a ball of yarn, which makes my inner craft geek very happy.

What is your favorite coffee blend? Have you tried the holiday?

kitchen full of coffeeDisclosure: This post is sponsored by Starbucks. All opinions and bad jokes are my own.


  1. Nana says

    Love the romantic part of the story. Now I know a little more about you two! Something mushy to tell the grandkids later in life, how Starbucks brought you together.

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