Scavenger hunt game

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There’s something about a scavenger hunt that appeals to all kids. No matter where we are going, my two children are always playing some type of searching game. They’re looking for alphabet letters or guessing one another’s I Spy clues. They look for slug bugs and out-of-state license plates. I love that it encourages them to be more observant. A scavenger hunt is really a game that can be played anywhere – on the road, around town, or even just at home. That’s why I’m making a printable scavenger hunt series.

Scavenger hunt game

So far, I’ve made two pages for my scavenger hunt game series. The first is for a road trip in the car. The second is for at the park or a playground.

Scavenger hunt on the road includes:

  • stop sign
  • bridge
  • airplane
  • cow
  • windmill
  • barn
  • horse
  • train

Scavenger hunt in the park includes:

  • squirrel
  • leaf
  • tree
  • flower
  • bee
  • rock
  • cloud
  • bird

Download each of them by clicking on the images below. You’ll be taken to a PDF that you can save to your computer and print.

There really is no “right” way to play, despite what my kids might tell you. To make them reusable, I recommend printing on card stock and laminating each page. I like to use one-sided self-adhesive laminating sheets. (<- affiliate link) That way you can just give your child a washable marker to cross out the picture of each item as he finds it. Later, the marker will wipe right off with a wet wipe.

You could also cut each picture out on the dotted lines. Punch a hole in the side and string them all on a lanyard or key chain like they did on Modern Parents Mess Kids. (Plus, check out all of their other great scavenger hunt ideas.)

Scavenger hunt game on the road

Scavenger hunt game in the park

I’ll be adding to this post as I make new scavenger hunt game cards. I’m thinking “at the zoo” and a page for each of the four seasons. What categories would you like to see?

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