Orthaheel slipper shoe review

I just got a new pair of shoes. Aren’t they cute?

Keri's Orthaheel slippers

They match lots of my outfits.

Wearing Orthaheel slippers

And they are so comfortable.

Oh, and did you notice that they are orthopedic house slippers?

No really, check this out…

About Orthaheel slippers

“Invented by leading Australian podiatrist, Phillip Vasyli, Orthaheel indoor-outdoor slippers feature built-in orthotic technology, providing aching feet with arch support, breathability and pain relief in feet/knees/legs/lower back. The construction also helps realign feet to their neutral, natural position, easing joint paint. All Orthaheel slippers have received the APMA seal of acceptance and are recommended by leading health guru, Dr. Andrew Weil.”

Orthaheel makes sandals, wedges, sneakers, mules, ballet flats, and slippers for women and men. They’re very stylish and not your granny’s footwear.

Orthaheel slipper review

In case you don’t know, I’m only 30. I’m not exactly old, so the idea of orthopedic shoes might not be what you would picture me in. Truth be told though, I hate wearing heels. You’ll usually see me wearing a pair of flat sneakers. I also have terrible circulation. I spend most of the winter with cold, semi-numb toes because I don’t like wearing shoes in the house. (If you think about all the junk you walk on outside of your home, you might feel the same way.)

But winter weather and shoes without arch support aren’t great. I normally get a lot of terrible foot cramps in the winter. I’ve got things to do though, and little time to curl up with a blanket and/or heat pack on my feet. My experience with the Orthaheel slippers has really made a difference though.

When I first tried them on, the arch support felt weird. The tag said to ease into them, so I wore them just a little bit on the first day. It took about a week and a half before they were completely comfortable. My feet are so much warmers though. No foot cramps and no tingly toes. I’m wearing them around the house daily while I blog, make Christmas gifts, wrap presents and bake pumpkin pie for our family get-together.

Orthaheel slippers outfit

I’ll also be cleaning this mirror while wearing my slippers, apparently. Good gravy, that’s a lot of finger prints. Now that I’ve gotten most of my holiday list done, I can sit back and put my feet up.

Putting my feet up in Orthaheel slippers

Buy Orthaheel slippers

Orthaheel slippers are sold online in several places, including Amazon.com. You can see the full line of products at the brand’s website, Orthaheel USA. Prices vary from the $40s to over $100, depending on the style. And as of this posting, the pair I’m wearing right now is on sale for about 25% off. (Of course, deals and prices are subject to change any time.)

Disclosure: I was provided a pair of slippers to facilitate a personal review. All opinions and bad jokes are my own.

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  • Nana says:

    I went to the website of Amazon and looked at other styles. They look like what I used to get from Skechers but can’t any more so I might order a pair too after the first of the year.

  • Amy B. says:

    I bought a pair of their thong flip-flops for last summer and loved them. And they’ll be good to go another summer, too. Great to have such good support in the world’s most basic shoe.

    • kerihouchin says:

      That’s great, Amy! I love the convenience of wearing flip-flops in the summer, but my feet sure hurt after a while.

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