Menu Plan Monday: week of September 2nd

Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday and happy Labor Day! The kids have today off from school and Hubby is home from work. I’m still plugging away, of course. I’m not really sure what I would do with a day off. How about you? For my readers who don’t work outside the home, do you give yourself a day off?

Last week the kids returned to school and I tried to get into a routine again. That didn’t work so well though. I got things done, just not in an easygoing neat way. Last week’s menu was kind of blah. Lunches went over well and the kids loved everything I made from the Weelicious Lunches cookbook. Suppers, not so much. The pasta on Monday was a little too strong on acidity and the mincemeat pie was just too unusual. I think it turned out better than it would have if I’d followed the first recipe I found, which included ground beef. But this one just had too many competing flavors for our taste. The crust was delicious, though.

This week I’m trying to plan somewhat easy meals. Although it rained all last night, we are still “enjoying” summer temperatures in the nearly-100s. I’m trying to avoid using the oven, or at least using it less. I baked our breakfast breads at night over the weekend, so they are ready to just slice and go.

Here’s what’s on my menu plan this week:

breakfast optionszucchini cinnamon bread, banana bread

lunch – tuna salad, chicken salad, banana dog bites, leftovers

snack – apples, grapes, strawberries, smoothies, tortilla chips or veggies with avocado pesto dip (something new I’m making up; recipe coming later)


Monday – (meatless) black bean burgers on homemade buns, sweet potato puffs, rice cereal treats

Tuesday – panko breaded chicken strips, zucchini hush puppies, corn

Wednesday – (meatless) orzo pasta with broccoli

Thursday – (meatless) feta lentil cranberry salad over baby spinach, homemade pita bread

Friday – pepperoni and veggie pizza, chocolate pudding pops

Saturday – dinner out

Sundaytaco casserole

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