Menu Plan Monday: week of September 16th

Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday! This weekend’s traveling went much better than the last. Our schedule ended up kind of wonky though, so I didn’t really stick to my menu plan very well. We ended up leaving early because we were invited to be on the local news to talk about our business. You’ll see a lot of last week’s menu on this week.

One of the things we actually ate was the chicken curry from Laura Loving Life. It was really spicy, but also really good. Everyone in my house is enjoying the spicy Indian food so much that I’m branching out again. I picked up a new sauce on sale to make Thai on Wednesday. (Why I keep planning spicy food for Wednesdays, I don’t know. This makes three weeks in a row…) The package says it is low on the heat scale, so we will see.

chicken curry

chicken curry with Mahatma saffron rice

I picked up two boxes on quinoa on sale at Sprouts last week. I don’t usually jump on food trends, but every now and then something comes along that really is good. (See kale, below) Part of eating a flexitarian diet is diversity. If I can expand the number of vegetables and grains we eat, everyone is more likely to get the vitamins and nutrients we need. I’ve heard good and bad about quinoa, so here’s hoping Saturday’s recipe turns out as good as it looks. If you have a tasty quinoa recipe, I’d love to hear it.

Here’s what’s on my menu plan this week:

breakfast – cold cereal

lunch – PBJ, tuna salad, chicken salad

snacks – apples, pretzels, raisins, crackers, popcorn


Mondaychicken pot pie

Tuesday – (meatless) Rising Moon ravioli with kale pesto

WednesdayLemongrass basil chicken pasta

Thursday – (meatless) black bean corn quesadillas with avocado

Friday – breakfast casserole, berry smoothies

* I never make the same casserole twice. This week I’m throwing in turkey sausage, hash browns, green bell peppers, onions, wheat bread, and eggs.

SaturdaySouthwest chicken quinoa salad

Sundaykielbasa summer bean salad

* with nitrate-free beef sausage

Cheers! I participate in Menu Plan Monday at Organizing Junkie.


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    I’m stopping by for a visit via Menu Plan Monday.
    Woo! This has really blown right by. It’s already mid-September. The holidays will be upon us in a matter of time.
    Everything looks delicious on your menu plan. My family would love the Chicken Curry recipe. Is there a link on your blog?
    Our thoughts and prayers are with those in Colorado and DC.

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