Menu Plan Monday: week of April 7th

Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday! I love the month of April. Okay, maybe I don’t love the seemingly endless rain, but I love all the other things that happen this time of year. The Main Street Arts Festival is this weekend (and actually starts on Thursday) and it is always fun to see familiar and new artists. Things are popping up in our garden. The kids planted sunflowers and four o’clocks and both have little one-inch sprouts. We will be taking our annual Easter family photos near the end of the month. And right after Easter is one of my favorite holidays: Earth Day. This week, I’m sharing Earth Day posts all week to give you some inspiration. There are several fun diy projects that you can make with recycled materials and things you already have at home.

To start the week off right, here are some tips for planning an Earth-friendly meal plan.

  • Eat local produce. If you don’t have a farmers market or can’t get out there when it is open, find out what local produce is sold at your grocery store. Even my local Wal-mart has labels for things produced here in Texas.
  • Eat seasonal. This about all the things that have to happen to bring you a strawberry or tomato in January. It was either grown in a greenhouse that needed a lot of extra resources, or it was shipped in from somewhere that’s warm in January. Now is the perfect time to start, because a lot of yummy things are starting to be in season.
  • Buy in bulk. Those giant tuna cans at Sam’s Club always make me giggle. On a serious note, it’s convenient to buy yogurt and other snacks in single serve packaging. It’s also expensive and makes for a lot of trash. Try purchasing one item in a bigger package and dividing it into reusable containers this week.
  • Cook from scratch. If everything you buy comes in elaborate packaging, you are creating a ton of garbage. Even recycled items have a limit on the number of times they can be recycled. I don’t cook everything from scratch, of course. I’d spend all day in the kitchen every day. Pick one or two things you’ve been buying for convenience and try making them yourself this week.
  • Use the slow cooker. I don’t have any facts to back me up, but it seems to me like the slow cooker running on low for 6 hours uses less energy than running the oven for one. Turning on the oven also heats up my house, motivating my Hubby to turn on the air conditioner when it’s only 80 outside.
  • Repurpose leftovers. We eat a lot of leftovers for lunch. I know a lot of people who hate that though. Some things can be changed up a lot though, like the pork roast from last week becoming pulled pork barbecue sandwiches this week.

Question of the week: Do you have an “green” meal planning tips?

Here’s what’s on my meal plan this week:

breakfast – cereal, banana chocolate beet muffins (The beet pancakes went great, so I’m trying another beet-based baked good. Try saying that 3 times.)

lunch – leftovers

snack – fruit, yogurt, veggies

– – –

Mondayfarmers market spaghetti, salad

Tuesdayslow cooker Greek chicken, homemade pita

Wednesday – Greek salad, leftover pita, hummus

ThursdayOne pot Mexican skillet pasta

Friday – make your own pizza with this crust

Saturday – chicken curry (from a jar that has been in my fridge too long)

Sundayslow cooker chili, cornbread muffins

– – –

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– – –

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  1. Welcome to Mommyhood says

    I love your tips! We use most of them in my home (don’t own a slow cooker, or have too much storage space to really buy bulk), but we definitely do the others! I love repurposing leftovers – it makes my day so much easier if I know that dinner is pretty much taken care of.

I appreciate every comment!