Menu Plan Monday: week of March 31st

Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday! Remember last week when I said that I didn’t have anything going on? I should have just kept my mouth shut, because I jinxed myself or something. Hubby got sick on Tuesday afternoon and stayed home sick until Friday. Somehow though – fingers crossed – the rest of us managed to stay well. Phew! So this week I have tons of things on my to-do list. There is no time for anyone to get sick, okay?

Unscheduled illnesses aside, the menu for the week went fine. Hubby obviously was not up for grilling the veggie burgers, so I just tossed together a salad from things we had on hand. The sloppy joes in the slow cooker were the definite winner for the week. I just took the Pioneer Woman recipe and made a few tweaks. I browned 2 pounds of beef on the stove, ran the veggies through the food processors, and threw that and everything else in the slow cooker. I did add a bit more tomato sauce, then let it cook for about 6 hours on low. It made enough to have leftovers for lunch this week.

Here’s what’s on my meal plan this week:

breakfaststrawberry lemon muffins, cereal, beet pancakes

lunch – leftover sloppy joes, leftover chicken and rice

snack – apples, carrots and ranch dip, cheese, oranges

– – –

Monday – veggie burgers on the grill, french fries

Tuesday – pineapple chicken stir fry with rice

Wednesday – loaded baked potatoes, salad

Thursday – pot roast, mashed potatoes, frozen corn

Fridaytaco pizza (with refried beans as the sauce, as suggested by a reader!)

Saturday – steaks on the grill, asparagus pesto pasta

Sundayslow cooker honey chicken with quinoa

– – –

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  1. Welcome to Mommyhood says

    Taco pizza sounds so good! I’ve decided to try to eat mostly paleo, but seeing that … oh man, it’s going to be a bit tough!
    I do have a question – the pineapple stir fry, does it get very sweet from the pineapple? like does the sweetness or overtake the other flavors? I love sweet things, but it’s really hard for me to find a savory recipe that calls for a fruit that I really like.

    • says

      The pineapple itself is pretty sweet, but cooking does bring out the more tart flavor. I cut the pineapple pretty small and don’t use a lot. I think it is similar to orange or lemon chicken in sweetness.

  2. jehdld says

    Oh, I’ve learned that lesson the hard way as well…if you have a slow week, don’t even whisper about it. Hope your husband is feeling much better!

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