Menu Plan Monday: week of July 21st

Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday! This week I’m doing something a little different with my menu plan. Last week was pretty tough. I’ve been working until 5 or so every day and you might have noticed I was so busy with other projects that I didn’t have time to blog since last week’s menu. On top of that, Hubby injured his arm, so although he loves to cook, it’s a literal pain to stand in the kitchen chopping and stirring for an hour. If that wasn’t enough (it was), my daughter had a chicken pox-like virus.

The only difference this week is that my daughter is all clear. That’s when I realized that it was time she learn how to cook. This week’s I’ve planned easy beginner-ish cooking meals. Hubby and I will be supervising and assisting, but she is going to be doing a lot of the cooking this week. She regularly helps in the kitchen (when she isn’t covered in spots) so she is really excited to take on a little more responsibility.

Here’s what’s on my meal plan this week:

breakfast – yogurt and homemade granola, fresh cherries, waffles

lunch – tuna crackers, tomato mozzarella sandwiches, PBJam

– – –

Monday – tossed salad (romaine, crumbled bacon, boiled egg, broccoli, carrot, cucumber), baked potatoes in the toaster oven

Tuesdaychicken alfredo

Wednesday – {meatless} bean burritos

Thursday – pasta and red sauce

Friday – {meatless} make your own pita pizzas

Saturday – pork shoulder roast in the slow cooker with potatoes and carrots

Sunday – leftovers

– – –

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