How to win at Albertsons Monopoly

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I use Google Analytics to keep tabs on my audience. You’re not a comment-giving lot, so I have to figure out what you’re thinking in other ways. Don’t worry, its all on the up-and-up. So I check my stats every hour few days to see what the most popular pages are and how people got to them. If you have a blog and do the same thing, you probably know where I’m going with this.

Albertsons Monopoly

I am baffled. The most popular page in the past 12 months is Albertsons Monopoly 2010. Hm. The most often-searched term that lead my dear readers to my blog is “Albertsons Monopoly” or 157 variations on such. It may also be interesting to note that the numbers aren’t only when the game is active, but equally distributed year-round. Odd?

Although its not even near the top of my writing list and although I haven’t actually shopped there or blogged about Albie’s in five months, it is apparently a topic to which I should devote more time. So, at the quiet request of 600+ people, here are the answers to your most pressing questions.

Albertsons Monopoly FAQ

Q: How do I win Albertsons Monopoly?
A: You have to gather a ton of tickets. You also need to read the official rules, which will explain when the contest begins and ends, how to win, and how to claim your prize(s).

Q: Does anyone really win at Albertsons Monopoly or is it a big scam?
A: Yes, its a legitimate contest. I’ve won in the past, although it was one of the smallest prizes, like $2. Local winners are published in your weekly circular. Can you imagine how much trouble Albie’s would get in if they were holding a yearly fraud? Small prizes can be claimed at your store, but bigger ones have to be done through the mail. The instructions on the game board will tell you how to collect your prize.

Q: How do I get those rare tickets?
A: It’s really just the luck of the draw. Every week a new batch is released with new tickets, which are distributed through all stores. If you have a section with all but one sticker, odds are that is the rare one. Since the other stickers are plentiful and these are rare, it is highly unlikely that someone will have one of these to give away. Your best bet is to shop at multiple Albertsons locations weekly.

Q: How do I get extra tickets?
A: You could shop exclusively at Albertsons and plan on purchasing only participating items to maximize your odds. There are also lots of discussion boards on which people exchange tickets. I do not recommend purchasing game pieces because technically that is fraud and you have no way of guaranteeing that it is a real game piece.

Q: How many pieces do I need to win…X?
A: Pick up a game board at your Albertsons. Each prize will have a description next to it telling you exactly what you need to win and the odds of winning that particular prize.

If I didn’t answer your question, feel free to email me and I will do my best to help you. Because the contest changes every year, the best source for accurate information is the Albertsons website. Your local Albertsons store employees should also be able to provide more information, particularly about local winners.

Disclaimer: One Mama’s Daily Drama is not affiliated with Albertsons in any way. This information is based on my experience and the game rules may change without notice.


  1. Peter K. says

    I had a rare piece and ebay took all of the listings for tickets off of ebay, so I couldn’t find the others. It’s pretty annoying to use craigslist too. I searched around and people were only selling them in bulk. The only place I could find that sold the ticket I needed was You can also get unopened tickets there too.
    It was only for $25, but hey it was worth it just to buy the last ticket I needed haha.

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