How to make a Christmas tulle wreath

How to make a Christmas tulle wreath | One Mama's Daily Drama

Christmastime is here and that means it is time to deck the halls. You don’t have to spend a lot to decorate your home festively though. A simple diy tulle wreath can dress up the front door and greet visitors with holiday cheer. This tulle wreath takes only a few supplies that can be found at craft and fabric stores for a total of $10 to $15. I made a fall tulle wreath that I really love, so as soon as we went from fall to winter, I knew it was time to make another.


  • Tulle, 1 yard each of 4 colors (red, green, silver and gold)
    • I purchased tulle by the yard at my local fabric store for approximately a dollar per yard. You may also find tulle on a spool that measures six inches wide and 20 to 25 yards long. Although this will be easier to cut, it is significantly more expensive.
  • Flat 12” paperboard wreath frame (also called a floral craft ring)
    • This project would also work with a rounded foam wreath if you prefer.
  • 10 small assorted jingle bells
    • There are lots of other goodies you could use too: ornaments, pine cones, poinsettias, etc.
  • Matching ribbon, cut into 5 pieces measuring about 11” long
How to make a Christmas tulle wreath | One Mama's Daily Drama


Step 1: Prep the tulle

Cut all of the tulle. Rather than tediously measuring each piece, I recommend just folding in half and cutting along the fold because these do not need to be uniform or precise. Start with the tulle laid out on the table vertically with just one fold along the left side. Cut that seam. Now fold the bottom up and cut along that seam. Repeat folding the bottom up and cutting in half twice more. This will leave you with a stack of 16 pieces that are wide. Fold that stack in half the other direction and cut one last time. You will end up with a total of 32 pieces of each color that measure about 14”x5”.

How to make a Christmas tulle wreath | One Mama's Daily Drama

Step 2: Tie the tulle wreath together

Tie each piece of tulle in a slipknot onto the wreath frame. Repeat around the frame, alternating the colors. You can slide the pieces closer or further apart as you go. If you are using a wreath with eight sections like the one pictured, you will have 16 pieces of tulle in each section between the holes.

How to make a Christmas tulle wreath | One Mama's Daily Drama

Step 3: Embellish with jingle bells

Slide two bells onto each piece of ribbon and tie in the middle. Loop one end of the ribbon under one of the pieces of tulle on the wreath and tie again, pulling the knot of bells toward the outside. Repeat with the remaining ribbon and bells, spacing them evenly around the wreath.
Your wreath is done!

How to make a Christmas tulle wreath | One Mama's Daily Drama

Fluff the tulle and adjust the ribbons to fit among the pieces. You can hang the wreath directly on the door like I did or use a wreath hanger.

Now that you have the basics down for a tulle wreath, what other holidays might you make one for? I’d love to see other designs, so feel free to comment with a link to yours.

I appreciate every comment!

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